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How Much Storage Does A Dash Cam Need?

The driving recorder is an instrument that records relevant information such as images and sounds on the way of the vehicle. After the driving recorder is installed, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of the car, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. Generally, driving recorders do not have built-in memory, and rely on memory card expansion or mobile digital hard disks. So, how big is the driving recorder memory card is suitable? How long is the lifespan of the dash cam memory card?

How big is the memory card of the driving recorder?

Generally speaking, 16g is enough for the driving recorder. The maximum MicroSD card supported by the driving recorder on the market is 32GB.

32GB of these. 1080P can be said to be the standard configuration of the driving recorder. Taking an 8GB memory card as an example, it can store up to 180 minutes of 1080P video, which can only be barely enough. Basically, exit the stage with a memory card below 8GB.

The driving recorder generally records in a loop. When the TF card is full, it automatically overwrites the data recorded at the beginning, which does not require setting and debugging. That is to say, the driving record the image storage method of the recorder is that when the memory storage is not enough, it will automatically overwrite the oldest image. The driving recorder can set the time of the recording file, and some can be set

1, 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes, generally 3 or 5 minutes, so the file size is moderate.

How long is the life of the dash cam memory card?

The general dash cam memory can have a lifespan of 100,000 erasing and rewriting. Of course, the memory chips used in inferior SD cards may be defective or reworked, and their lifespan will be greatly increased.

Reduced when using SD or mmc card, if you need to copy smaller files from the computer, try to copy it with your mobile phone, do not use the card reader alone, after all, there are many times of unplugging and plugging the contacts will also wear out. Sometimes you will encounter the computer prompt “Unable to stop the universal volume”, it is best not to take the method of simply pulling it out. This method is absolutely not advisable no benefit. The safest way, of course, shutting down the computer or logging out once will solve the problem.

Driving recorder memory card format

At present, most driving recorders use MicroSD card, formerly known as Trans-flashCard (TF card), which is a member of SD Card Association. Due to its small size, transmission

It is widely used in mobile phones, navigators and some electronic products because of its fast transmission speed and support for hot swapping. Dimensions are only 15x11x1mm.

What should I do if the memory card of the driving recorder is wrong?

1. For example, the driving recorder prompts a memory error. This situation is relatively common. If this happens at the beginning of use, it may be caused by the incompatibility of the memory card.

Yes, so when choosing a driving recorder, you must choose a suitable card.

2. The reading and writing speed of the driving recorder is relatively low, and such errors will occur during use, so the memory card is recommended to use a card above C4.

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